Creative Lab

Here you can find some interesting side projects, and open-source contributions I’ve made in my free time.



A low-level jQuery plugin for node hiding and showing through css transitions

jQuery Modal

Spawn modals with jQuery


React Confirmable

A high-order component to replace the native `confirm` function with yer modals

React Timesheet

An opinionated timesheet component for React

React Infinite Scroll

A simple infinite scroll React.js component



A high-order component to replace the native `confirm` function with yer modals

npm Scripts Info

Display the description of your npm scripts

Dota 2 Responses Slack Bot

A Slack bot referencing Dota 2 responses to appropriate chat messages.

PLDTFIBR Wifi Password

A mac-address reverser to obtain the default password of a PLDTHOMEFIBR Wifi.

Archived & Hackathons


A grading application for Pasay High School. Built with Laravel.


A dissertation mobile app to manage a self-served laundromat. Built with Ionic.


A dissertation web app to manage a dental clinic’s customers and schedules. Built with Laravel.


Web user registration for Valiant ROSE Online. Built with Laravel.

Dream Rose Online

The web app for Dream ROSE Online. Built with Laravel.

Osmena Times

A rushed news system. Built with Laravel.

I Want More!

You can catch more of my code at GitHub and CodePen. For articles I’ve written, follow me on Medium.